10 Strategies for a Simplified 2017

One of the most beautiful words in the English language: new.

But first. Last weekend my family and I traveled to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to ring in the new year with family. Can we just pause for a moment to discuss the enormous beauty of the U.P.? With the perfect lighting and colorful backdrops I felt like I had somehow stepped inside a Hallmark movie, minus the strange love triangles and predictable endings.

Also, I met some very delightful cows and goats.

(One of the cows was pregnant and nonplussed that I was trying to get a selfie.)


On New Year’s Eve I joined a host of hopeful goal setters in creating my 2017 bucket list. My goals are less ambitious than years past–perhaps because a quick glance at the list reveals one specific underlying theme: simplification. Writer Greg McKeown calls it

“… living by design and not default.”

Basically, I am hoping to pursue greater joy this year by simplifying the distractions in every area.

(Well, maybe not every area. The kids and husband think they still need 3 meals a day.)

Here are 10 strategies I plan to pursue for a simplified 2017–

(Note: These 10 strategies will be the next 10 blog posts I write. So stay tuned if any of it interests you.)

1. Daily worship.

2. Determined forgiveness.

3. Detailed scheduling.

4. Deliberate unplugging.

5. Dedicated de-cluttering.

6. Diligent meal planning.

7. Designated downtime.

8. Disciplined spending.

9. Decisive routines.

10. Deafening gratitude.

True story: I was half-way through my list when I realized each item began with a D. Totally didn’t desire that dorky detail. Ah well, here’s to a successfully simplified 2017.

“May [God] fulfill every resolve for good” (2 Thessalonians 1:11)–


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