Nice to meet you. I’m Trisha.

I am glad you’re here.



… but you should know something right off the bat. If you’re looking for someone who can execute a Sunday morning flawlessly, you’ve come to the wrong place. Only by the grace of God am I attempting to serve alongside my husband in church ministry.

I’ll never forget sitting on the steps of the Student Center during my sophomore year of college and listening to my then-boyfriend share his decision to pursue full-time church ministry. Frankly, I thought he was breaking up with me, so I missed most of the pertinent points. Young and blissfully unaware of what this kind of commitment entailed, I nodded and smiled and said the right things. (At least I assume they were right because he kept me around, despite my denim jumper and mishandled hair.)




Luke and I married in 2003. We’ve volunteered in nearly every capacity within the church since that time.

We love the church. 

And yet, if I’m being completely candid, my 3 greatest hurts in life have been caused by the church (one when I was a child, one when I was a college student, and one in my 30s). And the older I get, the more certain I am that I am not alone. As I meet women around the country, I am grieved by the number who express deep hurt or persistent discouragement while serving the Body of Christ. In some ways, I’ve come to believe that a life of service necessitates wounds … or at least makes deep disappointment inevitable.

So why blog about it?

Over the past few years I’ve approached my writing friends (I write books in my spare time) and encouraged them to start a blog specifically for Christian women who are hurting. (I have a special gift for telling other people what they need to do with their time and resources. It’s generally received less enthusiastically than I imagine it should be.) The answer to my request for a blog has always been the same–

“Any chance YOU are meant to do it? This sounds like a blog YOU need to write.”

Whether this was a gentle way of telling me my idea needed to die or a sincere encouragement to pursue this topic, I can’t be certain. But then I entered a painful season (a.k.a. the third greatest hurt mentioned above) and it shook me to my core. My grief held more layers than a bad 90s-era haircut. And yet God has graciously brought me through it and taught me much about Himself and His bride.

I don’t know your story or what you’ve been through or how you stumbled on this blog,  but I hope something on this site will minister grace to your heart.

Before you go, let me say one more thing: Don’t give up. Our comfort, after all, is not what produces our joy–


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